Message From Campus Chief

Prem Shrestha
Prem Singh Shrestha
Campus Chief

IOL nurtures the dream and assists it comes true to the passionate youth aspiring to pursue their career in the field of education and teaching. We have assimilated a fact that qualitative and competitive human resource is the genuine need of present day time and that is possible only through an apposite blending of knowledge and skill to the students which they deserve.

Moreover, our tradition of excellence to groom all the facets of students’ life and career has been substantiated by the accomplishment of our students in national and international academia and job markets.

They are the true architectures of this beautiful college as they commit to prepare IOL students ‘be a lifelong learner’.

We are guided by the principle of providing quality education and simultaneously, we envisage that with a sincere commitment to excellent teaching methodologies, which prioritize on group discussion, personality development, presentation skills, physical contact session in regular interval of time and teaching practices for students’ academic career, would be the right wings to have safer takeoff of our students in their future career.

Thus, I believe, clearly indicates that our aim, primarily, is to develop the elements in taxonomy of learning and harness the natural propensities of our students through pragmatic learning engagement.