The demand for quality teacher education and training is growing day by day and the number of students willing to join the teacher education programme keeps increasing. At the same time, there is a large mass of teachers in the teaching job who need both training and an updated academic degree. Furthermore, there are people in the remote areas who wish to become a secondary school teacher but with little or no access to teacher education institutions. Educational and administrative personnel working in different governmental organizations with B.Ed. and requiring qualification in education stream are our other clientele groups.

Considering the above demands, Institute of Open Learning (IOL), affiliated to Purbanchal University Nepal, has been established as a promising educational institute. It has initiated One-year B. Ed. programme through Distance Mode in the year of 2000 to ensure easy and open access to quality teacher education programme for the prospective and on-the-job educational personnel. This mode does not require the students to be present at the campuses throughout the year to pursue and earn their degree. Rather it provides opportunities for self-study at home, carryout activities with Self Learning Materials and to interact with the Resource Persons at the designated contact centers at the specified period of time. Such an academic provision ensures easy and open access to earn the B.Ed. degree in the country, for the programme “brings learning at home” of the aspiring students

Objectives of IOL

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The main objectives of the Open Learning Programme are as follows:

The main objectives of the Open Learning Programme are as follows:

  • To provide alternative access to education for all desirous of earning B. Ed.
  • Degree at the convenient time,
  • To provide quality teacher education at pair or even better than that provided through face-to-face mode and
  • To develop human resources required for teaching as well as for other educational sectors